General FAQs

  1. What are Plusnet Rewards?
    • Sometimes we will have offers that include an extra element such as cashback, a Gift Card, a Plusnet Reward Card or something similar (what we call a Plusnet Reward).
    • From time to time we might make Plusnet Rewards available via third party channels (for example cashback might be offered if you sign-up via a comparison or specific cashback site as opposed to via our website or call centre). If you signed up via a third party then the rules and processes to claim your Plusnet Reward may depend on that third party's own terms and conditions as well as, or instead of, these FAQs.
    • Sometimes we offer Plusnet Rewards automatically and you won't have to claim your reward as set out in these FAQs. However, this is normally only the case when you signup via a comparison site and we'll make it clear in the "legal bit" when you sign-up.
  2. Who is eligible for Plusnet Rewards?
    • Only customers who've signed up to a Plusnet Reward offer will receive the relevant reward. We may impose additional eligibility criteria, such as a requirement to sign-up online, but we'll tell you about these when we offer each Plusnet Reward.
    • Sometimes we might make different Plusnet Rewards available via different channels (for example a different Plusnet Reward might be offered if you sign-up via one of our partners to if you sign up with us directly). If you attempt to sign-up for multiple Plusnet Rewards you'll only be entitled to one reward (normally the last one that's selected) and we reserve the right to refuse to provide any Plusnet Rewards if we think you're deliberately trying to obtain multiple rewards.
  3. How long is the link to claim my Plusnet Reward valid for?
    • You'll have up to two months from the date we send you your email to claim your Plusnet Reward. So we can track if you've started the process to claim your Plusnet Reward, we may check to see if you open your email within this two month period.
  4. When will I receive my Plusnet Reward?
    • We'll aim to provide your Plusnet Reward within 30 days of you submitting your details and receiving confirmation that it's on its way. It will be sent in the post or emailed to you depending on the type of reward.
  5. Can my Plusnet Reward be sent to a different address?
    • No, they can only be sent to the address listed on your account.
  6. Can my Plusnet Reward be in the name of someone other than the account holder?
    • No, Plusnet Rewards can only be issued in the name of the account holder.
  7. Which address will my Plusnet Reward be sent to?
    • We will always send things to either the postal address or email address that's listed on your account.
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Plusnet Reward Card FAQs

  1. How do I claim my Plusnet Reward Card?
    • You'll get an email sent to the email address you provided when you signed up. You'll normally receive this email within 10 working days of your first service being up and running.
    • Open the email and click on the link — it's valid for two months from the date we sent it. You'll then be directed to an online form. Fill in your details on this form and then click 'submit'.
    • You'll then see a confirmation screen — your Plusnet Reward is on its way.
    • Your Plusnet Reward Card will arrive in the post within 30 days of receiving confirmation that it's on its way.
  2. How do I activate my card?
    • To activate your card, you simply need to complete your account registration, which will only take a couple of minutes and consists of a three simple steps.
      1. Enter your details
      2. Activate your card
      3. Set up your online account
      You will need to have your card handy and access to your mobile phone or email to complete the process. Just return to the homepage and select the ‘Activate now’ option to begin.
    • If you are still having issues, please contact Cardholder Services on 0344 879 1069 or email plusnet@purecard.com.
  3. I don't have an activation code?
    • That's ok! We'll send you the activation code during the registration process where you will be able to receive it by SMS or email (depending on what details we hold for you). If you have any issues receiving your code, then please get in touch so we can help you resolve!
  4. Can I use my Plusnet Reward Card straight away?
    • Once your card arrives you will need to activate it online. You will receive an activation instruction email from plusnet@purecard.com, to your registered email address. You will be able to view your PIN once you have completed the activation process.
  5. How long do I have to activate my Plusnet Reward Card?
    • You must activate the card within 3 months of issuance. If it is not activated within this time, you will no longer have access to the funds. For full Cardholder Terms and Conditions, please click here.
  6. Where can I spend the money on my Plusnet Reward Card?
    • You can spend the money online and in most high street stores that display the Mastercard® symbol. It can't be used for the following:
      • Cash withdrawal at a cash machine
      • For cash back at the till
      • Any Customer Activated Terminals (such as but not limited to pay@pump, toll roads, car parks or train ticket terminals)
      • For subscriptions or automated periodic payments
      • Foreign exchange bureaus
      • To gamble
  7. If I don't receive my Plusnet Reward Card who do I contact?
    • If you have claimed online and your card hasn't arrived within 30 days please contact the Plusnet Reward Card Service team on 0344 879 1069 or email plusnet@purecard.com.
  8. If my Plusnet Reward Card doesn't work, what do I do?
    • If your Plusnet Reward Card has been activated and you have retrieved your PIN but it still doesn't work, please contact the Plusnet Reward Card Service team on 0344 879 1069 or email plusnet@purecard.com.
  9. How long is my Plusnet Reward Card valid for?
    • The card is valid until the expiry date shown on the front of the card (12 months from issuance).
  10. What happens if I don't spend the funds before the Plusnet Reward Card expires?
    • The funds on the card are available to you up to the Expiry Date stated on the front of your card. Once the card expires, any remaining funds on the card will no longer be available to you.

For full Cardholder Terms and Conditions, please click here.

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